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    Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Rest' Background, Israel's restaurants guide, is the leading portal of the food and restaurant sector in Israel. The online guide has the most up-to-date information on restaurants, bars, cafes and kosher restaurants in Israel.

'rest' was established in 1998. During its 9 years of operation it has succeeded in branding itself as a culinary authority, attracting thousands of loyal users every day, providing them with the largest Israeli Restaurants Index, valuable information about restaurant culture in Israel and all the info about new trends and places to eat. provides an advanced search engine tools with as many as 6,000 Israeli restaurant business listings.

The site was established by Dar Shalev Tal Advertising and Marketing Ltd., a company founded 19 years ago. Over the years, the Company accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge in all issues relating to advertising within the restaurant business.

Reaching two market segments
rest provides an ideal solution for two market segments: on the one hand, the broad public, which expresses an interest in culinary issues, visits the site daily and enjoys a variety of Israeli restaurants ' articles, useful Israeli restaurants ' information, tips, Israeli restaurant reviews and various services.

On the other hand is the Restaurant business sector for which rest is a powerful marketing tool, providing leverage toward promoting their business.

rest's English site: is a branch of the Hebrew enterprise, which includes the website and two magazines: Israeli restmagazine, which keeps restaurant lovers updated with scoops, Restaurants reviews, Restaurants articles, and the 'rest' professional magazine for restaurateurs, chefs and the culinary audience of the industry.

The English and the Hebrew Israeli restaurant guides
The Hebrew website is dedicated to Israel's restaurants culture and contains various services, such as THE guide to restaurants in Israel, Israeli restaurants' reviews and Israeli restaurants ' articles. The English website contains most of these contents and is constantly adding new contents regarding restaurants in Israel according to its user's interest.

rest mile stones
'rest' was established by 'Dar Shalev Tal Advertising and Marketing Ltd. ' a company founded 19 years ago.Over the years, the company accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge in all issues relating to advertising within the restaurant business.

The company was acquired by Yellow Pages of the GPM Group in 2006.

Israeli restaurants index
rest's Israeli restaurants index is a comprehensive guide to restaurants all over Israel, containing an advanced search engine which allows the site's visitors to filter search results by various parameters like Kosher restaurants, areas or cuisine type. rest's Israeli restaurants guide also contains the homepages of many restaurants in Israel, so you don't have to browse for each and every restaurant separately. The Online Restaurant's menus, Restaurant's photos, online dining reservation option, directions and other valuable information - They are all can be found in one restaurant index.

'rest', Israel's restaurants website has all that you need in one place.

Israeli Restaurants information

Israeli restaurants articles, reviews, coupons and recipes
Users from abroad can take a tour in their favorite restaurant from the comfort of their own home before coming to Israel. In its Israeli restaurants magazine, rest' introduces all that is hot and fresh in the Israeli restaurants scene. The site regularly publishes objective Israeli restaurants reviews and articles, thus providing the users with an unbiased understanding of Israel's restaurant culture. Moreover, rest' is offering special discounts and variety of online coupons / freebies for the benefit of its loyal users.

rest' has constructed a special section: chefs' recipes. In this section, chefs from the hottest restaurants in Israel reveal some of their top secret – such as most wanted restaurants recipes, allowing the site's users to experience Israeli restaurants culture in their own kitchen.

rest' publishing
In 2008, the Rest portal launched its first cook book called ' The Best of Rest '. The editor Lea Kantor-Meteraso and 38 chefs from leading restaurateurs contributed to it. The book is divided to meals according to concepts: friends & family, business, romance, party, etc. Each chef shared three courses to create a wonderfully delicious cooking experience.

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