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Mehadrin Kosher


    Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Restaurants in Tiberias

Looking for restaurants in Tiberias? In this page you'll find all the restaurantes in Tiberias.

6 restaurants were found


Restaurant City Categories Coupon Website
Café Giovanni Inn
Corner of HaYarden St.

Italian Food, Café, Fish, Dairy, Take Away, Banquets, Vegetarian, Delivery
7 HaBanim St.

Tiberias Kosher
Italian Food, Café, Dairy, Japanese food, Banquets, Delivery
Mama Mia
1 HaBanim St.

Tiberias Kosher
Italian Food, Fish, Dairy, Banquets
Pizzeria Napoli
Alumot Junction

Italian Food, Pizzeria
Tezza - Chef Bar Café
1 HaBanim St.

Tiberias Kosher
Italian Food, Café, Dairy, Fusion Food , Sushi, Breakfast, Banquets, Delivery
The Italian
43 HaGalil St.

Italian Food, Home Style, Meat Restaurant, Fish, Banquets

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